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NingoSNUGGLY Garment Co., Ltd. (Yuyao Boss Garment Co., Ltd.) is the only professional multi-functional thermal clothing high-tech enterprise in China authorized by Italian SAM Company specializing in fashion design, garment production, electro-heat technology researchand development. (the products have applied for patent in China and many other countries.) With popular style and excellent quality, our products have won a high reputation at home and abroad.

With more than 30 years' history in garment manufacturing, our company has formed a strong 100-person technical and design team and a group of skilled sewing operators. What's more, we have already reached a strategic alliance agreement with Zhejiang Textile and Fashion College and professional Italian fashion designers are employed as consultants for our company.

With the aim of creating an international famous brand of functional clothing, Ningbo SNUGGLY Garment Co., Ltd. warmly welcomes domestic and overseas customers to talk business and franchisers from different places are also welcomed to join our brand chain store. Thanks for cooperation.

With exquisite processing technique and guaranteed quality, we have already had over 30 years history manufacturing jackets, overcoats, childrenswear and other fashion clothes. We sincerely welcome original equipment manufacturers to come for cooperation.

Jointly designed by famous Italian and domestic designers, SNUGGLY is a kind of multi-funtional electro thermal clothing, intergrated electric heating, fashion, healthcare and entertainment into one. Effectively keeping away from the fierce competition in fashion business, SNUGGLY is a revolution in the garment industry.

With soft micro-current heating element and temperature-adjustable smart battery inside which is in the range of bio-frequency spectrum for "ensemble wave", the SNUGGLY multi-functional thermal clothing can easily achieve self-heating so as to increase body energy, protect yourself from cold and keep warm finally. Adopting international micro-current patented technology, clothing is designed with an extra low voltage of only DC 7.2 volts which is absolutely safe and reliable (it is proven that a voltage that is below 24 volts does no harm to human health).

We are specialised in customizing and processing serial functional thermal clothing for individuals, enterprises and public institutions, e.g. traffic police, forest police, duty officer and guardsman, rider (motorcyclist, horserider), those who work in the oil fields, railways and ports, vendors and sanitation workers. We are specialised in customizing various sports thermal clothing for sports clubs, outdoor goods companies and sports enthusiasts, e.g. fisherman, mountain climber, skier, traveller, football spectator's etc. We welcome your enquiries and orders.

Implanted with nano far-infrared technology, the heating element can radiate far-infrared rays with its wavelength at about 10 microns once being electrified and heated, so the radiated energy can be easily absorbed by human cells to produce bio resonance effect, which therefore can bring the double effect of warming and healthcare efficiency.

The matched batteries in SNUGGLY multi-funtional thermal fashion clothes can have an integrated MP3 player offering music lovers a feast of music. We welcome your enquiries and orders.

SNUGGLY perfectly combines heating with health maintenance by mixing many internatonal high-techs together. With a CPU inside, the matched high capacity Li-ion batteries are also equipped with safety protection device. The batteries have passed the security authentication and environmental certificate by several International Certification Assessment Services (CSA International) like SGS, UL, UN, CE.









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